The best News RSS Feeds

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Many Newspapers and Publishers make their Articles available via RSS Feeds. This is very useful for integrating their News content into 3rd-party Tools and Software. This post lists some of the most important News RSS Feeds there are.

Mockup of a NASA Rss News-Feed with Images

CNN News

CNN maintains a great RSS Feed with the top international News - including images - accessible at the above URL!

New York Times

The above RSS Feed contains the top stories from the New York Times Homepage. If you need access to the news in other categories (like World, Politics, Business or Sports), check out the List of all New York Times RSS Feeds.

Washington Post

All World News from the Washington Post is published in this handy RSS Feed. Check out their full List of all available Washington Post RSS Feeds.

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal publishes the top Finance News and other global News. More Wall Street Journal RSS Feeds are available on their site.


HuffPost offers one of the largest selections of RSS Feeds in tons of different (sub-)categories. Check them all out at

The Verge

The Verge publishes in-depth articles about the latest Technology, Culture and Art. Discover their different RSS Categories on this page.


NASA Publishes all Breaking News in Space exploration and Science in this useful RSS Feed. The provide a lot of other RSS Feeds with more specific Topics as well. You can view all of them on this page.

Stay on top of the latest RSS News Posts

All of those RSS Feeds are great - they get updated with their latest news many, many times a day. But what is the best way to integrate all of this live data into your Software?

Check out our RSS-to-Webhook Service if you want to subscribe to those News in nearly real-time. Our Service will automatically send all new Articles from your favorite RSS Feeds directly to your Server so you can integrate the News data into your Software or App.

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