Frequently Asked Questions

RSS API simplifies the process of parsing and checking RSS feeds. It allows you to get notified via webhook when new feed items are published, without requiring you to handle and maintain your own feed parsing and polling infrastructure.

Feed subscriptions generally work like this: you tell us with feeds you want to subscribe to (via API) and we will periodically check each feed and monitor if any new items get added. If so, we will send a webhook to a URL of your choice o you can process the item and use it in your application.

Learn more about this in the RSS API Documentation.

This depends on your plan, see Pricing for more details.

Our servers are located in the European Union, in Germany.

We use Stripe to process payments. Payments will be collected on a monthly basis. After singing up for RSS API, the first 7 days will be free - after that, you will receive your first invoice and will be automatically charged according to the plan you chose.

We support payments via credit cards, and - depending on your country - SEPA Transfers, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more. Please contact us for further details.

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