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Automatically subscribe to feeds



Easily subscribe to different RSS, ATOM and JSON-Feeds.

Phishing Detect

Receive updates

We send a request to your server whenever there are new Entries in the Feed.

Smart Scan

Use the data

We send you all new Feed Entries in JSON Format, making it super easy to parse and use the data wherever you want.

Try it out

Try out the Demo right here or visit our API Playground to see how the API works! The returned data will be truncated for demo purpose.

API Playground

Parse feeds

Don't want to subscribe to a Feed? With the API, you can easily convert a Feed to a unified JSON Format, no matter if it's a RSS, ATOM or JSON-Feed.

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8 / MO.

  • 1 Application
  • Unlimited Feed conversions
  • Up to 100 subscriptions
  • Email Support
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19 / MO.

  • Up to 3 Applications
  • Unlimited Feed conversions
  • Up to 1500 subscriptions (500 per Application)
  • Prioritized Email Support
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40 / MO.

  • Up to 8 Applications
  • Unlimited Feed conversions
  • Unlimited Subscriptions
  • Prioritized Email Support
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