Consume feeds via a simple API

Subscribe to RSS feeds and receive nearly real-time updates via webhooks. Easily normalize and consume any RSS, ATOM, and JSON feed.

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We'll push all feed updates to you

Tell us which feeds to check, and we'll send webhooks to your system whenever there are new entries in a feed. No need to poll and parse feeds on your end. Nearly real-time.

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Parse any feed and get a unified, easy-to-use JSON output. We support most feed formats: RSS, RDF, ATOM and even the new JSON-feed standard.

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Never lose track

The RSS API Dashboard allows you to quickly edit subscriptions and view statistics, failed webhooks from our push service and more.

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Simplifying feed consumption

Stop paying for and maintaining your own expensive and complicated infrastructure to poll and parse feeds — Let us do what we're best at, so you can focus on your core business.

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Let us do the heavy work.

Powerful Parsing

Never think about normalizing feed data ever again. No matter what kind of feed it is: RSS, ATOM, RDF, JSON - all data will be normalized and made accessible in the same structure, every time - including images - so you can reliably integrate it into your software.

Nearly real-time

When you subscribe to feeds through our API, we'll check those feeds every few minutes and will automatically send out a webhook to your system with all new items. We check every feed in a different interval, depending on the average amount of new items per hour.

Detailed Statistics

Log into your Dashboard to view detailed statistics about all of your Subscriptions — how many items were sent in the past days, how many Subscriptions are currently paused and more.

Debugging made easy

On your personal Dashboard, you'll see the logs of all pushed webhooks and why they might have failed. You can view the error details and resend individual webhooks to make debugging as simple as possible.


We have years of experience polling and delivering RSS feeds. We've already delivered millions of items and continuously improve our infrastructure.

Get Started quickly

Our API is very easy to use — you can get started within minutes, so you can get everything up and running quickly. Use any programming language you'd like to communicate with our API.

Hosted in the EU

All data is securely stored on servers located in Germany. Our company is located in Germany as well.


All of our servers run with power sourced from renewable energies to reduce our environmental impact.

Already processing over 500,000 feed items daily.

RSS API works with...

  • Google News Feeds
  • Podcast Feeds
  • Product Feeds
  • YouTube RSS Feeds
  • WordPress Feeds
  • Forum & Blog RSS Feeds
  • any other RSS, ATOM or JSON-Feed

More features

Validate Feeds

Let us validate any RSS, ATOM or JSON Feed. Just sent the URL of a potential Feed, and we'll tell you if it's valid.

Detect Feeds

Provide us with the URL of any website, and our RSS Feed API will try to find any RSS Feeds under that domain.

Combine Feeds

Pass 2 or more URLs of different RSS, ATOM and JSON Feeds to our API, and we'll merge them chronologically into a unified JSON result containing the items of all different feeds.

Parse & Convert Feeds

Parse any RSS, ATOM or JSON Feed and convert it into a unified JSON structure you can easily parse with any tool or programming language. Optionally filter feeds to only contain items matching your query.

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