New: Improved WordPress feed support

· 1 min read

RSS API now integrates data from RSS feeds generated by WordPress better!

Graphic showcasing the data-integration between WordPress RSS feeds and RSS API

WordPress is one of the most used open-source Content-Management-Systems, which powers more than 40% of all websites across the world.

Today, we are happy to announce that RSS API now has an all-new, improved integration of data coming from all WordPress-powered sites.

What this means for RSS API users

This means that starting today, whenever you subscribe or parse any RSS Feed of a site which uses WordPress, RSS API will try its best to get any missing feed data directly from WordPress. For example, this drastically improves our image integration for feeds generated by WordPress.

While this changed many aspects of our feed parsing algorithm, it won't change anything for you as an RSS API user. All APIs remain the same - with the advantage of containing more data (like image URLs) for many WordPress-powered feeds who didn't contain it before.

If you have any questions about this change, please let us know!

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